Peyronie’s Disease

Dr. SNA’s expertise and compassionate approach offer personalized treatments to address penile curvature, discomfort, and restore confidence.

Restore Confidence, Reclaim Comfort

Peyronie's Disease Treatment

Peyronie’s disease is a condition characterized by the development of fibrous scar tissue, or plaques, within the penis, leading to curvature, pain, and sometimes erectile dysfunction. 

Peyronie’s disease treatment is among the specialized services provided by Dr. SNA Clinic in the UK, serving areas such as Kent, Essex, London, and neighboring towns. Peyronie’s disease, also referred to as Peyronie’s Syndrome, is a condition affecting the penis, characterized by painful erections, penile lumps, and curvature during erection.

This condition can progress gradually over time, although not cancerous or life-threatening.

What is Peyronie's Disease ?

Peyronie’s Disease is characterized by the development of fibrous scar tissue inside the penis, leading to curvature, pain, and potential difficulties in intimate relationships. At Dr SNA Clinic, we provide specialized care to alleviate symptoms and enhance overall penile health.

What are the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease

The symptoms of Peyronie’s disease can vary among individuals, but often the first signs noticed by men are painful erections or a curvature during erection, or both. Occasionally, lumps in the shaft of the penis may also be felt, though they may not be immediately apparent. These symptoms may manifest suddenly or develop gradually.

Typically, symptoms worsen over several months before reaching a plateau. Progression of the disease usually slows or halts between 6 and 18 months, although this timeframe can vary significantly from case to case. In rare instances, the disease may continue to worsen unabated.

If the progression of the disease is stopped, erections become less uncomfortable. The lumps in the penis may become more prominent and firmer, while the curvature during erection stabilizes. In some rare cases, the curvature may even improve, though this is uncommon.

What We Can Do For You

Your Peyronie's Disease Treatment Journey

Your journey begins with a discreet and confidential consultation with Dr. SNA. Discuss your concerns related to Peyronie’s Disease, and Dr. SNA will assess your condition, recommending a personalized treatment plan.

Dr. SNA will discuss various treatment options based on the severity of your condition, including medication, injections, or, in some cases, surgical intervention. The goal is to reduce curvature, alleviate pain, and improve overall penile function.

Experience the restoration of confidence and comfort as the Peyronie’s Disease treatment takes effect. Dr. SNA prioritizes your well-being and ensures ongoing support throughout the process.

In what manner does Peyronie's disease advance through its stages?

Peyronie’s disease progresses through two stages: the acute stage and the chronic stage.

During the acute stage, which typically lasts between six to twelve months, scar tissue forms beneath the skin of the penis. This can lead to a curvature or other changes in the penis’s shape. Pain may be experienced when the penis is erect or flaccid.

Once the scar tissue has ceased growing, the condition enters the chronic phase. In this phase, the curvature does not worsen. Pain usually diminishes, although it may persist, especially during erections. Additionally, erectile dysfunction (ED), characterized by difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, may develop.

What is the duration of Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease is typically a condition that cannot be fully cured. In its purest form, Peyronie’s disease seldom improves spontaneously, though symptoms may sometimes change in response to further trauma, even years after diagnosis. However, modifications to the penis can often be ameliorated with the aid of various treatments.

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Peyronie's Disease Treatment Benefits

  • Curvature Reduction
  • Alleviation of Pain
  • Improved Penile Function
  • Personalized Solutions

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Your Peyronie's Disease Consultation:
What To Expect

During your Peyronie’s Disease consultation, anticipate a confidential discussion with Dr. SNA about your concerns. Dr. SNA will assess your condition, provide personalized recommendations, and ensure your complete understanding and comfort with the Peyronie’s Disease treatment options, fostering optimal results for restoring your confidence and reclaiming comfort.

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    Treatment effectiveness varies, and Dr. SNA will recommend the most suitable option based on your condition and goals.

    Treatment approaches range from non-invasive to surgical, and Dr. SNA will discuss the most appropriate option for your situation.

    Recovery varies based on the chosen treatment, and Dr. SNA will provide detailed guidance during your consultation.

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