P (Priapus Shot) in a Nutshell

P (Priapus Shot) in a Nutshell
Dr Syed Nadeem Abbas
Dr Syed Nadeem Abbas


P (Priapus Shot) in a Nutshell

In this day and age, where new treatments are introduced to medical arena, PRP shot is an excellent and exciting new treatment for men suffering with erectile dysfunction. This procedure is relatively new but lots of patients have been treated effectively with their good reviews of this treatment. In this article we will delve into this procedure a bit more in detail.

What is Priapus Shot(P-shot)?

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The PRP shot, or Priapus Shot is a non-surgical procedure designed to improve sexual performance and to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men suffering with erectile dysfunction.

 Its name after Priapus, the Greek god of fertility. Priapus shot involves using the platelet rich plasma which is prepared from patient’s own blood and then injecting this into the penile tissue. PRP Shot treatment rejuvenates the penile tissue and enhances sexual function.


  1. Consultation: A highly trained professional will start by taking a detailed history, asking about your general health, medical issues, and any medications that might contribute to sexual dysfunction. 
  2. Blood collection: For suitable candidates, we take a blood sample and centrifuge it to obtain platelet-rich plasma (PRP). At Dr. SNA Clinic, we use high-quality centrifuges to ensure excellent PRP, unlike some clinics that use inferior equipment, leading to poor treatment outcomes.
  3. PRP Injection: High-quality PRP is skillfully injected into specific areas of the numbed penis. The PRP, rich in growth factors, promotes tissue regeneration and increases blood flow.
  4. Post Procedure care: After the injections, patients should avoid sexual activity for 24-48 hours to allow optimal healing. Minor side effects like discomfort, swelling, or bruising may occur but resolve quickly. 

Benefits of P Shot/Priapus Shot

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  1. Improved Erectile function: One of the primary benefits of P shot is its potential to improve the erectile function. By stimulating tissue regeneration and increasing blood flow to the penis, men may experience the firmer and longer lasting erections. 
  2. Enhanced sensation: Some patients report increased sensitivity after P shot treatment leading to more satisfying sexual experience.
  3. Treatment of ED: For men struggling with erectile dysfunction, the P shot offers a non-surgical alternative to tradition ED treatments such as oral medication or penile implants.
  4. Minimal Downtime: Unlike surgical intervention, P shot is minimally invasive and typically requires little to no down time allowing patients to resume their normal activity shortly after the procedure. 
  5. Long-lasting Results: While individual results may vary, many patients experience long lasting benefits from Priapus shot treatment, with effects lasting for several months or even years in some cases.


The Priapus Shot is a promising, minimally invasive option for men looking to improve sexual health and address erectile dysfunction. It offers minimal downtime and potential long-lasting results, making it a viable alternative to traditional ED treatments. However, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare provider using high-quality PRP machines, as the quality of PRP is key to the treatment’s success.

As with any medical procedure, the P-Shot is not without its limitations and potential risks and individual results may vary. Therefore, an informed decision, guided by thorough consultation with a healthcare professional, is paramount. 

Here at Dr SNA clinic, we have highly trained professionals, and the clinic is equipped with the highest quality equipment to produce the best possible results. 

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