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What is Chin and Jawline Sculpting?

Chin and jawline sculpting are non-surgical procedures that use dermal fillers to enhance and sculpt the appearance of the jawline and chin. This procedure is frequently performed to eliminate the appearance of a “double chin” and give your face the optimum chin shape, resulting in a more sculpted and contoured facial profile.

How Chin and Jawline Sculpting works?

Chin and jawline sculpting is a minimally invasive procedure. A well-defined jawline and balanced chin enhance the face profile. As we age, sagging can occur due to gravity, environmental factors, and the ageing process. Remodifying the jawline and adjusting the chin can help turn back the clock, achieving aesthetically beautiful results. A well-defined jawline and balanced chin boost confidence and good looks. As an expert in cosmetic procedures, Dr SNA clinic uses the highest quality dermal fillers and ensures safe and effective treatment to help you achieve desired results.

Your Chin and Jawline Sculpting Consultation: What To Expect

Our skilled medical professional, Dr SNA, will assess your chin and jawline structure and discuss your desired outcomes during the initial consultation. Based on your consultation, Dr SNA will create a personalised treatment plan for the best possible results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Chin and Jawline Sculpting results last?

The longevity of Chin and Jawline Sculpting results can vary from person to person. Typically, results can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

What are the expected outcomes of Non-Surgical chin and jawline sculpting?

The expected outcomes after chin and jawline dermal fillers are:
  • Give a more defined and enhanced jaw for both males and females, with females achieving a more feminine heart-shaped face and enhanced chin, and males getting a stronger chin appearance.
  • Eliminate a weak retracted chin..
  • Improves your face's overall appearance to enhance your lower face's definition..

Who is suitable for chin filler?

Chin filler is suitable for individuals who want to enhance and improve the appearance of their chin. It benefits people with weak or recessed chin or those who desire a more defined and balanced facial profile. Chin filler can also be suitable for individuals who want to address the effects of ageing, such as loss of volume in the chin area.

Who is suitable for Jawline filler?

Jawline filler suits individuals who desire to enhance and contour their jawlines. It benefits people with a less defined look and those looking to achieve a more chiselled and sculpted appearance. Jawline filler suits those seeking a more balanced and harmonious facial profile.

Why should I choose Dr SNA clinic for my chin and jawline filler?

You should choose Dr SNA clinic for your chin and jawline filler because we are experts in cosmetic procedures, and we prioritise patient satisfaction and safety. Our team of qualified medical professionals, led by Dr Abbas, has extensive experience performing non-surgical chin and jawline sculpting using dermal fillers. We use the highest quality dermal fillers to ensure effective and natural-looking results.

What to do after Chin and Jawline Sculpting injections?

After the treatment, it's essential to follow the post-injection instructions provided by the medical professional, like Avoiding massaging the treated area for a few days, applying cold compresses to reduce swelling, and staying hydrated with a healthy diet.
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