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What are Skin Boosters?

Skin boosters are injectable products that enhance skin texture, skin elasticity, skin hydration and skin appearance. A skin booster treatment includes the injection of a soft gel-like material under the skin. This improves skin elasticity and firmness, skin radiance and overall glow.

How Do Skin Boosters treatment work?

Skin boosters improve the hydration of the skin and increase collagen as well as elastin production, which helps to reduce fine wrinkles and fine lines, resulting in firmer and more youthful-looking skin. Skin boosters are particularly effective in improving hydration, and they can be used on many different skin types and areas.

Unlike traditional skincare regimens, skin boosters involve precise injections that penetrate deep into the dermal layers, delivering intensive hydration where it’s needed most.

Unlike traditional skincare regimens, skin boosters involve precise injections that penetrate deep into the dermal layers, delivering intensive hydration where it’s needed most.

At Dr. SNA Clinic, you can expect to receive top-notch treatment with our skin boosters treatment. These versatile injectable solutions are tailored to address a wide range of skin imperfections, from texture and elasticity to hydration.

What Areas Skin Boosters Applied to?

Skin boosters are a versatile cosmetic treatment that can be applied to various areas of the body to enhance skin quality and hydration. Some of the common areas where skin boosters can be administered are,

  • Forehead
  • Crow’s feet
  • Upper and Lower cheek
  • Jawline
  • Chin
  • Accordion Cheek Line
  • Peri-Oral wrinkles
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Hands

Why Should You Consider Skin Boosters?

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your skin, skin boosters could be the answer. Depending on the type and ingredients used, you could get a brighter, more radiant complexion, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improve your skin tone, hydrate your skin, give it a ‘glowing’ look, give it a firmer texture and tone, improve skin elasticity, reduce dry patches, and overall look.

Your Skin Booster Consultation: What To Expect

Dr Abbas will thoroughly assess your specific concerns and skin condition. He will discuss the potential benefits of Skin Booster treatment. The consultation will address any questions or concerns and create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do skin boosters last?

The longevity of skin boosters varies from person to person, and it also depends on the type of product used but on average, the results can last between 4 to 6 months.

Why choose Dr. SNA Clinic for skin boosters?

Dr. SNA Clinic offers a team of experienced professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to your skincare goals. Our tailored approach ensures you receive personalised care and the best possible results.

What is the downtime of skin boosters?

Skin boosters typically have minimal downtime. You may experience some temporary redness, swelling, or bruising, which usually subsides within a few days.

What is the difference between skin boosters and dermal fillers?

Skin boosters focus on improving skin quality, texture, and hydration while Dermal fillers, on the other hand, primarily add volume to specific areas, targeting wrinkles and facial contouring.

What are the common side effects of skin boosters?

Common side effects are usually mild and temporary, including redness, swelling, tenderness, or bruising at the injection site. These effects typically resolve within a few days.
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